IEMA Membership

IEMA is the global hub for the electric marine sector. It has, as members, companies manufacturing and supplying a wide range of electric marine products, from zero-emission boats, batteries, and powertrains to chargers, electric grid, and infrastructure solutions.

Businesses of all sizes, from tech startups to multinational corporations, benefit from our top-tier advocacy, business insights, and industry data.


1.500 USD / YEAR

  • Vote on IEMA corporate initiatives
  • Participate in different expert groups (e.g., hydrogen, cruise, politics, deep sea, shore power, etc.)
  • Featured and promoted in IEMA communications and by our industry partners
  • Discounted entry to industry events


10.000 USD / YEAR

All Company Member benefits plus:

  • Membership of IEMA committees
  • Influence for drafting new regulations, policies, and standardization
  • Vote on ALL white papers
  • Propose strategic initiatives
“The founding members of IEMA comprise companies
from all sizes, segments, and regions of the electric marine industry. We will help lead conversations and make the decisions needed today to define our technology and business models successfully in the future.”
Adria Jover  – IEMA President & Founder

Why become
a member?


IEMA will drive the agenda and shape messaging for the electric marine industry to lawmakers and regulators, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in direct and indirect benefits to the industry and its members.

Capital & Big Data

IEMA aims to collaborate with financial institutions and infrastructure developers to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission technologies — while utilizing data to provide crucial tools for measuring the effectiveness of prospective solutions.

Industry Standards

IEMA will promote safety, interoperability, efficiency, resiliency, durability, and sustainability across homologations and standardization.

Learning & Networking

IEMA will curate communications, networking, and education. Decision-grade analysis and market reports will help members shape their business strategy for today’s dynamic market and future opportunities.