the Electric Marine Industry

IEMA is the first industry-backed association advocating national and international policies to enable the global marine sector's transition to zero-emission by 2050.


We work to address innovation, technology, and implementation challenges in the electric marine industry.

IEMA is a global alliance of companies from across the electric marine industry
specifically focused on accelerating this sector's remarkable growth towards
sustainability and unblocking all future obstacles as they emerge.


Electric Boat Advocacy

IEMA represents and advocates on behalf of the electric marine industry in all matters of manufacturing, charging, infrastructure, certification, and environmental and compliance regulations with all levels of government and municipalities.

Global Liaison

IEMA is an interface and facilitator between our members and the international associations and organizations sharing our mission. We help to consolidate rules, regulations, and warranties for all components in the electric marine industry.

A Vision for Sustainability

IEMA aims to accelerate the transition towards a safe, resource-efficient, self-sustaining, low-carbon society and decarbonize the world’s waters.

Innovation Hub

IEMA will become an educational resource for information and data covering all aspects of the latest innovations, studies, and products in the electric marine sector.



IEMA Connects, Collaborates, Unites, and Advocates for the Electric Marine Sector

IEMA advocates for the entire electric marine sector. We are the interface between the water and the land, cutting-edge vessel technology and port infrastructure. We connect and collaborate with for-profit companies, municipalities, government authorities, industry associations, and philanthropic institutions. Our mission is to affect a real and lasting decarbonization of the world’s waters.